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Review of the Office of the Advocate for Service Quality

The Ministry of Social Development and Innovation recently reviewed the role of Advocate for Service Quality for people with developmental disabilities in BC.

The purpose of the review was to "assess current and potential roles, responsibilities and core value of the Advocate for Service Quality position within its existing context."

Inclusion BC supports the recommendation of this review that the Office of the Advocate for Service Quality continue to help adults with developmental disabilities and transitioning youth with special needs and their families have access to supports and services that are available.

Inclusion BC staff know only too well how complex and intense individual advocacy can be and have worked together with the Advocate over the past 18 years.  

It is therefore significantly important that individuals and families have access to an advocate who has the ability to work in a way that is flexible and autonomous.

We endorse the seven recommendations found in this review and look forward to continued collaboration with Office of the Advocate for Service Quality. The full report can be found here.