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Watch our 60th Anniversary video that honours and remembers the civil rights history of people with intellectual disabilities in BC. Read more about our history here.

Listen to the BCACL Website with ReadSpeaker

The BC Association for Community Living is committed to improving the accessibility and usability of our website information for everyone. We are happy to launch ReadSpeaker, a program that turns text into speech, allowing users to listen to content on the website.

How Does ReadSpeaker Work?

To use ReadSpeaker, click the "listen" icon above the text. A new window will open, which will play the main contents of the page back to you as audio.

Downloading Audio

Once you have clicked on the listen icon a new window will pop up. Under the 'play' button you will see a link that reads "download as MP3." Click the link and select the save or download option depending on your browser. This will then download an MP3 of the page. The MP3 quality is 48kbits per second and can be downloaded over a dial-up connection. You can then load this MP3 onto your portable MP3 player for use later on or to present the information to someone that does not have an internet connection. If the content of the page changes you will need to download the MP3 again.

ReadSpeaker on Smart Phones, PDAs or iPhones

Click on the "download as MP3" link in the ReadSpeaker window to use your phone's built in audio player to play back the MP3 file.

Controlling the speed of the text

Once the window pops up, you will see a tab called "settings" (see the image to the right). There are five different speed settings.

Reading only selected text

To read a part of the page or an area outside of the main content, highlight the desired text with your mouse or keyboard and then click the listen icon.

The ReadSpeaker window only shows 0/0 and doesn't play the audio

If the ReadSpeaker window only shows 0/0 after 5 seconds, close the ReadSpeaker window and try the listen icon again. This may happen if you have a slow connection or have a firewall that blocks MP3s.

Can't hear the audio

If you are having trouble hearing the sound:

  • check the settings on your computer's control panel and make sure your sound and audio device is enabled and not muted
  • check your computer or phone's speakers are turned on and that the volume control is not turned down
  • if you still can't hear anything, open the ReadSpeaker window's own volume control in the pop up window and check that the progress bar is moving.

Computer Requirements

  • ReadSpeaker will not work if add-ons are disabled on your Internet Explorer browser. We suggest you either disable add-ons or view the website in Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.
  • Adobe Flash Player. Download Adobe Flash Player here.


We want to hear what you think about ReadSpeaker. Send us an email at info@bcacl.org and let us know how it's working for you.