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CACL Responds to 2012 Federal Budget

The Canadian Association for Community Living has responded to the Federal Budget, which was tabled yesterday. Highlights include positive changes to the RDSP and the concerning impact of Old Age Security changes on people with disabilities.

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CACL Response to 2012 Federal Budget

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CACL responds to the 2012 Federal Budget

March 30, 2012: The Canadian Association for Community Living, our national umbrella organization, has responded to the Federal Budget, which was tabled yesterday in the House of Commons. Visit the CACL website to read the press release and for more details.

Highlights from the response:

Changes to the RDSP: "The 2012 Federal Budget announced changes to the Registered Disability Savings Plan that will finally make it possible for adults with intellectual disabilities to open an RDSP without being forced to give up their legal capacity. These changes have been called for by the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) and others in the disability community."

Changes to Old Age Security pensions: "Given that almost 50% of people with disabilities rely on social assistance as their sole source of income and people with intellectual disabilities are hugely over represented on welfare rolls, the planned increase in age of eligibility for OAS will mean yet more poverty for seniors with intellectual disabilities."

Labour Market Inclusion of People with Disabilities: "An additional $30 million will be invested over three years in the Opportunities Fund to support the labour market inclusion of people with disabilities and to ensure that employers understand the value of hiring people with disabilities. This is a welcome measure."

The budget also included initiatives to further employment for people with disabilities.

Visit the CACL website to read the entire release.