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BC Government promises compensation for more Woodlands survivors

The provincial government announced plans over the weekend to compensate former residents of Woodlands who had been excluded from a 2010 settlement because they were born after 1974.

The government also announced plans to raise settlement amounts to $10,000 for all survivors. Read the government news release here.

Inclusion BC Executive Director Faith Bodnar attended the news conference, which was held at Woodlands Memorial Garden in New Westminster.

Photo: Arlene Schouten, Luanne Bradshaw, Jane Dyson, David Klein, Faith Bodnar

From Inclusion BC Executive Director Faith Bodnar:

"This is what real leadership is. Setting things right by providing common experience payment to ALL Woodlands survivors. In doing so righting the wrongs by the previous BC government that refused to recognize the harm done to former residents prior to 1974 and that also required proof of harm. Now we can say some justice has been served and we must never forget why institutions were and will always be places of abuse and a denial of human rights."

Media Coverage

Premier John Horgan extends compensation to Woodlands survivors who were cut out of previous settlement
by Charlie Smith on March 31st, 2018 at 5:17 PM
It's a story that the Georgia Straight has revisited over the years: the refusal of the B.C. Liberal government to compensate some survivors of the infamous Woodlands School, even though a 2002 review by the ombudsman described decades of systemic abuse.

B.C. government to compensate more Woodlands survivors
Survivors who lived at Woodlands before 1974 — and excluded from earlier settlement — will receive $10K each CBC News · Posted: Mar 31, 2018 2:11 PM PT
Former residents of the Woodlands provincial mental institution, who lived there before 1974, will now be compensated for the abuse they suffered there, the province announced Saturday.

BC promises compensation for Woodlands survivors left out of previous settlement
Amy Smart Globe and Mail March 31, 2018
Speaking from the site where a notorious school and psychiatric facility used to stand, one of its survivors says he finally feels a festering wound begin to close. 

B.C. government to compensate pre-1974 Woodlands residents
Rob Shaw Published on: March 31, 2018 | Last Updated: March 31, 2018 5:08 PM PDT
VICTORIA — The B.C. government is offering compensation to former residents of the Woodlands provincial mental institution in New Westminster who were shut out of a previous legal settlement.


In 2002, a class action lawsuit was launched against the provincial government on behalf of former residents of Woodlands. In December 2009 a settlement was proposed and was approved by the court in 2010.

Due to a legal loophole, Woodlands survivors discharged from the institution before August 1974 are currently excluded from the settlement process. For the past eight years, Woodlands survivors and their supporters provincially and nationally have been urging the provincial government to include all survivors in the settlement.