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UVic Researchers seeking families for research on planning for the future

Researchers at the University of Victoria are interested in examining the different ways that parental caregivers of adult children (i.e., 19 years of age and older) with intellectual disabilities plan for the future of their children.

Message from Megan Caines, researcher at the University of Victoria:

If you are the parent of an adult child with an intellectual disability, you are eligible to participate. The information gained through this research could be used to better assist and support parental caregivers as they face the challenging task of planning for the future of their loved ones.

Participation in this research involves completing a brief electronic questionnaire. In addition, if agreed to, there is the possibility that participants will be contacted at a later date for a follow-up audio-recorded phone interview. Participants are under no obligation to agree to follow-up contact.

If you are interested in participating or have further questions, please contact Megan at cainesm@uvic.ca or 250-858-5836. Thank you for considering this research project!