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Our new report shows the continued systemic use of restraint and seclusion in BC schools. Read more.

From December 1-3, we're celebrating the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Film festivals will be held in 5 locations across BC. Stay tuned for details!

Watch our 60th Anniversary video that honours and remembers the civil rights history of people with intellectual disabilities in BC. Read more about our history here.


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School Trustee Election Guide 2014 by Inclusion BC, 2014, 8pp
Monday, October 20, 2014
A toolkit for groups, organizations, and individuals for putting students with special needs on the municipal election agenda. Read more...
Self Advocacy Group Start-Up Kit by BCACL, 1992, 40 pp. Updated 2008.
This is a plain language package of information to help self advocates start a self advocacy group in their community. It talks about how to get people together and what a self advocacy group can do. It includes a section on group advisors - what advisors can do for the group, how to find one, and Read more...
Stop Hurting Kids: Parent Guide for Keeping All Children Safe from Restraint and Seclusion in BC Schools by Family Support Institute and Inclusion BC, 2014, 42pp.
Monday, September 1, 2014
As the attention around restraint and seclusion in schools grows in BC, the Family Support Institute and Inclusion BC are seeking to inform and empower families of their rights around the issue. This guide will help families prevent, recognize, and act on cases of restraint and seclusion that affect Read more...
The Need to Know: Administrative Review of Woodlands School by Dulcie McCallum, August, 2001
In July 2002, the BC government released a report about abuse that took place at Woodlands institution, called The Need to Know: Administrative Review of Woodlands School. The government began an inquiry into abuse at Woodlands after news stories in February 2000 reported that individuals had come Read more...
The Need to Make Amends by BC Self Advocacy Foundation
Tuesday, April 22, 2003
In May, 2000, in response to allegations of abuse at Woodlands, the provincial government commissioned a review of Woodlands files by Dulcie McCallum. Her report, The Need to Know, confirmed that abuse did occur and that the problem of abuse at the institution was systemic. The report recommended a Read more...
The RDSP and People Receiving Social Assistance by Disability Alliance BC, 2012 50pp
Disability Alliance BC has produced a guide on how how people with a low income can benefit from the Registered Disability Savings Plan. Click on the link below to download the PDF. Read more...
This Book Is About Children, Parents and Child Protection by Fred Ford, BC Self Advocacy Foundation, 1999
47 pp. This booklet explains some of the things that happen when parents deal with child protection services. Written for parents with exceptional learning needs and those who support them, it talks about the responsibilities of parents under the law, what child protection services do, and what Read more...
This Book Is About Going to Court If You've Been Abused by the BC Self Advocacy Foundation, 1995, 47 pp.
This booklet explains what abuse is. It explains what you can do if someone has abused you and how to get support. It also tells you what happens if you press charges and if you go to court to tell what happened. Published with financial and research assistance from the Public Legal Education Read more...
This Book Is About Your Rights as a Young Adult by BC Self Advocacy Foundation, 1999, 38 pp.
Self Advocacy
This booklet talks about the rights, choices and responsibilities of young adults with developmental disabilities who are turning 19. Illustrated with many cartoon-style drawings, it covers issues such as privacy, safety, dating, independence, jobs and school. Published with financial assistance Read more...
Tracking Students who Graduate with Evergreen Certificates by Inclusion BC, 2013
Wednesday, July 3, 2013
This brief reviews various tracking initiatives that have been undertaken to examine the life paths and educational results of students graduating from secondary school in BC with Dogwood Diplomas, and the need for such initiatives to be inclusive of students with special needs who graduate with an Read more...