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Watch our 60th Anniversary video that honours and remembers the civil rights history of people with intellectual disabilities in BC. Read more about our history here.

From December 1-3, we're celebrating the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Film festivals will be held in 5 locations across BC. Stay tuned for details!

Our new report shows the continued systemic use of restraint and seclusion in BC schools. Read more.


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Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) Help Sheet by Disability Alliance BC (formerly BC Coalition of People with Disabilities)
From Disability Alliance BC (formerly the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities,) this Help Sheet was funded by the Legal Services Society of BC, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada: Homelessness Partnering Strategy and the Health Sciences Association of British Columbia. Read more...
Reinventing Day Supports - Report from forum by Recorder / Writer: Malerie Meeker
Tuesday, June 30, 2009
RE-INVENTING DAY SUPPORTS, the provincial forum held on March 27 and 28, 2009 at the Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel, brought together 100 representatives from service provider agencies, CLBC, and government representatives for a "two-day facilitated 'think tank'" on employment, with the objectives of Read more...
Removing Barriers to Work by Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, February 2008
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' research study urges the provincial government to adopt a series of creative recommendations that would make employment possible for many more British Columbians with significant disabilities. Read more...
Renting It Right by Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre (TRAC) and Justice Education Society
Monday, January 23, 2017
Renting it Right is a free online course to help you identify your rental needs and find the right place for YOU. You will also learn about the rental housing process, your rights and responsibilities and become more confident about your tenancy. Visit http://www.rentingitright.ca/ Read more...
RESPECT Employment by Chris Arnold, PNGI, 2010
RESPECT: Real Employment Stimulates Pride, Empowerment, Connections and True inclusion. Published by the Provincial Netoworking Group Inc. (PNGI) with funding from Community Living BC (CLBC), this book features the employment success stories of eight self advocates in B.C. Read more...
Restorative Justice and People with Developmental Disabilities by BCACL
Sunday, January 1, 2006
Restorative justice is a philosophy that looks upon crime as a violation of people and relationships rather than the breaking of laws. Read more...
Restorative Justice and People with Developmental Disabilities A Booklet for Family Members, Advocates and Community Living Service Providers by BCACL, 2006
This 16-page booklet aims to help family members, advocates and community living service providers understand restorative justice and how it can help resolve conflicts involving individuals with developmental disabilities. Restorative justice offers a healing approach to harm done in the community. Read more...
Restorative Justice and People with Developmental Disabilities: A Booklet for Restorative Justice Facilitators by BCACL, 2006
Criminal Justice
This 11-page booklet is designed to help restorative justice facilitators understand the unique abilities and challenges of individuals with developmental disabilities involved in a restorative justice process. It underscores the need to support the individual and emphasizes the advantages of Read more...
Roles and Tasks Timeline for Transition Planning Team Members by Province of British Columbia, April 2012, 1 page
CROSS MINISTRY TRANSITION PLANNING PROTOCOL FOR YOUTH WITH SPECIAL NEEDS April 2012 Roles and Tasks Timeline for Transition Planning Team Members This table outlines the roles and tasks of team members: the youth, family, and staff from schools, youth and adult services. This is a living document Read more...
Say no to abuse by Symbols for Live
Self Advocacy
This is a plain language guide for self advocates about different kinds of abuse and how to speak out against it. Read more...