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The Need to Know: Administrative Review of Woodlands School

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Dulcie McCallum, August, 2001

In July 2002, the BC government released a report about abuse that took place at Woodlands institution, called The Need to Know: Administrative Review of Woodlands School.

The government began an inquiry into abuse at Woodlands after news stories in February 2000 reported that individuals had come forward to tell about abuse they experienced while living at Woodlands. Lawyer and former Ombudsman Dulcie McCallum was asked to do an independent review to find out if abuse had taken place at Woodlands. She reviewed sample records and files from Woodlands, covering the years 1975 to 1992.

McCallum completed her review and submitted a report to the government in August 2001. The government released the report and their response to it in July 2002.

The report found that there was evidence of physical, emotional and sexual abuse at Woodlands, and that it was systemic in nature - in other words, the way Woodlands was run contributed to the occurrence of abuse. The report makes 12 recommendations about steps the government should take next, including doing a more in-depth review of abuse at BC institutions that would include interviews with all the people involved, and making an apology to people who were abused.