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Having a Choice - Interim Report

Tuesday, May 6, 2003
Author and Resource Info: 
Woodlands Parent Action Group

From the Report's introduction:

The Woodlands Parents Action Group (WPAG) welcomes the opportunity to present the following submission in response to the Report on Abuse at Woodlands, “The Need to Know: Administrative Review of Woodlands School”. Our purpose is to provide feedback from the unique perspective of the families offormer Woodlands residents. The Woodlands Parents Action Group thanks the Honourable Gordon Hogg, Minister of Children and Family Development, for making the “The Need to Know” report public and for giving families the opportunity to meet with each other near their own communities to discuss it.

This report is an account of what families had to say in response to the “The Need to Know” report. Our discussions with other families confirmed that the “Findings” in the “The Need to Know” report are accurate and consistent with families’experiences during the time their family members lived in Woodlands.