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Get on the Train, A Learning Tour on Employment Final Report

Author and Resource Info: 
Innovation Support Network's Subcommittee on Employment, Fall 2008

In the spring of 2009, a unique opportunity for sharing, learning and networking occurred that allowed people from around the province to gather and share information, resources and ideas related to employment for people with disabilities. Host agencies organized one of the six day events in their own communities and featured local presenters for the morning sessions. During the afternoon portion, a team of panelists who traveled with the train, shared information from other areas and collected new information and ideas. This approach lent itself to creating events that combined local stories and practices with knowledge and networking from around the province.

The Innovation Support Network is a group of service providers and CLBC staff who support creative options for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in BC. The network's Subcommittee on Employment served as the organizing group for the “Get on theTrain” initiative.