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Watch our 60th Anniversary video that honours and remembers the civil rights history of people with developmental disabilities in BC. Read more about our history here.

Press Release: October is Community Inclusion Month!

This October, people from across the province are coming together in their communities to promote inclusion and celebrate diversity...

October 1, 2014; New Westminster, B.C. - This October, people from across the province are coming together in their communities to promote inclusion and celebrate diversity. The theme for this year’s Community Inclusion Month, “we are ALL community,” recognizes the important role that everyone plays in making our schools, workplaces and shared spaces inclusive and welcoming of people of all abilities.

"Community Inclusion Month has a strong and vibrant history," says Faith Bodnar, Executive Director of Inclusion BC. "Its roots are in community and its foundation has been built by individuals, families and groups within the Inclusion BC Federation." Every year for almost two decades, Inclusion BC members have hosted events and launched initiatives to celebrate the vitality and enrichment brought to our communities through the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities.

As Inclusion BC gears up to celebrate its 60th Anniversary, October offers us the opportunity to celebrate and honour our history while inviting everyone in to create our shared future.

Celebrating 60 years

In 1955, seven grassroots parent organizations joined to form what is now Inclusion BC. Those families who came together almost 60 years ago pioneered a movement whose legacy continues today. While our Federation has grown to include almost 70 organizations across the province, the voices of individuals and families continue to drive our movement. Recognizing the importance of bringing community into our movement, Inclusion BC launched the first provincial Community Living Day in 1996, which has since evolved to become a month long celebration.

This month we will be releasing a video from the Inclusion BC Foundation chronicling and celebrating the history of our movement in B.C. with rare historical footage and photos from our archives. Look out for the email with the subject line, “WATCH: this is a civil rights movement.


Danielle Kelliher
Communications Director, Inclusion BC

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