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Port Alberni Association for Community Living

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Vancouver Island

Children's Services

Infant Development Program -- This program is provided in the home and offers early intervention advice and consultation to families with children who have been identified as "at risk."  Currently this program supports 42 families and children to achieve their fullest potential.

Supported Child Development -- This program provides support to families who have children with special needs by helping them to obtain services in community child care settings.  Staff assist the families and child care agencies put plans into place to ensure the child has the best opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.  The primary focus is on children zero to six years and depending upon budget availability children ages seven through nineteen years are a continued priority.

Adult programs and Youth

Services for Community Living (SCL) -- SCL is designed to assist individuals to live successfully in the community.  Programs are designed to develop skills required to lead meaningful and participatory lives.  Services are provided within the person's/family's home, in the community and at the SCL office.  The model of service includes one-to-one support and group learning opportunities, depending upon the participant's skills and learning styles.  Hours and duration of services are usually determined by needs and availability but normally do not exceed twenty hours per month.  SCL has two main areas of focus -- the Semi Independent Living program and Self-Help Skills.

Community Access -- This is a community based program which enables adults to pursue recreational and leisure activities of their choice, with the greatest degree of independence, based on each individual's capacity for growth.  We encourage people to maintain or improve their relationship with others.  Activities are group led and facilitated by a community support worker who encourages individuals to make their own decisions and work toward consensus decision making.  Self-directed plans are implemented for each person, based on the individual's strengths and needs.

Pathways -- This program is operated as a "clubhouse" offering individuals an opportunity to learn personal safety skills, self advocacy and empowerment, build personal networks and friendships and opportunities for social development and peer support and mentorship.  The program runs three times a week.

Day Programs

Connections:  This program participants learn life skills, safety skills, training in a number of areas and other support as needed including community integration and social outings.  Some of the individuals supported in this program have small projects (wood working, laundry, recycling, delivery services) that offer the participant an opportunity to earn some pocket money.   In addition to providing support to the program participants these programs also support family members or care givers by providing a safe place for individuals to go each day.

Community Employment Program -- This program is designed to support individuals with developmental disabilities in obtaining employment (either full or part-time).  The program works with individuals to assist them in identifying what type of work is best for them, how to go about finding a job, teach social skills, good work habits, personal hygiene, use of public transportation so they are able to get to and from work.  The staff then work with the individual to support them while employed and also assists employers to ensure the partnership is successful.  This program has been very successful and we have individuals employed in fast food restaurants, hotels, beauty salons and some have begun their own gardening or cleaning businesses.

Other Services

Residences -- The Association operates four group homes for adults who have significant developmental disabilities.  Many of these individuals also have multiple physical challenges as well.  The purpose of these group homes is to provide individuals with the opportunity to live and enjoy activities in their own community in a home-like setting.

Individual Support Services -- Day Program and Home Sharing -- The Association currently supports three developmentally challenged individual with additional challenging behaviours.  This individual lives with a care giver (host family) and service is provided on an individualized basis.  During the day the individual leaves the family's residence and goes to another location to take part in an individualized day program.

Personalized Supports Initiative (PSI) -- PSI provides services to adults who have both significant limitations in adaptive functioning and either a diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ASD is also known as Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). The PSI provides an individualized and personalized approach to meeting the needs of eligible adults by coordinating existing community supports to help people to maintain or increase their independence.


Organization Address: 
PAACL 3008 Second Avenue Port Alberni British Columbia Canada V9Y 1Y9
Board Members: 

President, Darcy Phipps

Staff Members: 

Executive Director, Craig Summers (executivedirector@paacl.ca)