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Sources Community Resource Centres

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(604) 531 - 6226
(604) 531 - 2316
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Lower Mainland & Upper Fraser Valley

Autism Support Services

Ladner Training Centre: Various specialized training programs, including customized programs for individuals/families/agencies/school districts that provide support to people with autism and other pervasive developmental disorders, and their families. Contact 604-946-0401

Employment and Community Inclusion Day Programs: Provides individualized day programs to adults with autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities, based on their vocational skills, interests and abilities. Individual programs vary and may include paid employment, job training, work experience, volunteerism, post-secondary studies, physical fitness training, recreation and community integration. Contact 604-946-0401

Behavioural Support Services - Lower Mainland: Behaviour Consultants provide in-home Positive Behaviour Support for families with children and youth with Autism and other Neurodevelopmental disorders who are experiencing challenging behaviours. Contact: 604-940-0057

Behavioural Support Services - Northern Office: Behavioural Consultants help to design individualized program plans for children with autism and pervasive development disorders, and their families from Quesnel North. Contact: 250-561-1194

Child, Family & Youth Services

Mental Health Child and Youth Services: Provides services to children and their families who have been identified by MCFD as having serious behavior, social and emotional adjustment problems. Contact 604-531-6226

Family Connections Centre: A residentially based family counseling oriented service for adolescents 13 - 16 years old experiencing intense and protracted conflict with their parents. Contact 604-531-6226

Family Support Services: Provides assessment and individual response to family needs. Contact 604-531-6226

Winter House: An emergency 5 bed residence for youth between the ages of 13 - 19 years old. Contact 604-531-6226

Youth Services: Provides intensive supervision and individualized one-to-one support to youth involved, or at risk of becoming involved in the Youth Justice System. Contact 604-531-6226

Community Living

Archway House: Provides 24 hour residential care, maintenance and training for 4 adult residents with development disabilities who are unable to maintain themselves independently. Contact 604-531-6226

Chestnut House, Georgia House, Primrose Centre: Group homes provide a residence-like environment for adults who have autism spectrum disorder. Emphasis is on daily living skills, social and recreational opportunities, and educational and employment needs. Contact 604-531-6226

Stayte House: Provides residential care and teaching to 4 residents who are adults with a developmental disability and unable to maintain themselves independently. Contact 604-531-6226

Life Skills Resource Centre: Provides assessments, personalized life skills training and support to assist clients to live more independently. Offer an innovative learning environment for participants to participate in social/recreational activities such as music, art, light aerobics, walking, reading and light volunteer placements. Contact 604-592-5599

Counseling Services

Contact: 604-538-2522.

Addiction Services: Provides free individual counseling for those trying to deal with an alcohol or drug misuse problem as well as for those impacted by family member's substance misuse. Offers specialized 8 week psycho-educational groups called Choices that run several times throughout the year. Drug Prevention Videos: Produces videos dealing with drug prevention and the affect addiction has on our community.

Drug Testing Kits: Sells urine based drug testing kits that are simple and easy to use to screen for drugs in the body.

Presentations: School based presentations on drugs, addiction and even effective stress management techniques.

Referrals: Counselors assess client needs and provide referrals to appropriate groups and programs within the community including residential treatment.

Counselling Services: Provides fee-for-service professional counseling to address a number of issues including relationship struggles, childhood issues, anger, stress, grief, depression, life adjustment difficulties, problem gambling, parenting and family related concerns etc.

Cloverdale Employment Resource Centre: Provides self-help job search resources, individual employment counseling, referrals by case managers to various employment programs as well as help with obtaining funding for training. Contact 604-576-3118

Food Bank: Provides food and support to community members in need; to raise awareness about poverty and involve the community in solutions. Serves residents south of 40th Avenue in Surrey and White Rock. Contact: 604-531-8168

Foundation: A non-political, non-governmental charitable institution governed by a Board of Directors who serve voluntarily to represent their community to focus on funding programs of Sources Community Resource Centres which would not exist without local community support of important programs which go beyond the limits of government funding. Contact 604-531-6226.

Early Childhood Development Services Program

Contact 604-590-7302

Books, Equipment and Toys: A library of books relating to development in infancy and early child hood, parenting, specific disabilities, play idea, and other areas of interest.

Family Support: Provide opportunities to meet other families who share common experiences and information that may be of support.

Home Visits: Home visits are the most important component of the Infant Development Programme and the method around which support to the family and programming for the infant is built.

Parent Education and Workshops: Workshops, lectures and parent meetings that will further families understanding and knowledge of child development.

Play Group: Parents, children involved with the Infant Development Programme and other family members are invited to come together for loosely structured play activities that will enhance child development

Reports: The Revised Gesell Developmental Schedules gives a developmental profile of the infant and provides the family and the consultant with guidelines for planning a program as well as record of the infants development.

Information line Line: Provides comprehensive information and referral regarding services in the South Fraser region. Has specialized knowledge of services and community activities in Surrey and White Rock.Call 604-542-HELP (4357)

Volunteer Services: Shop by Phone / Volunteer Drivers / Volunteer Bureau/ Free Dental Clinic/ Community Visitors/ Free Income Tax Preparation Contact 604-542-HELP



Organization Address: 
882 Maple Street, White Rock, BC V4B 4M2
Mailing Address: 
Maple Street Centre, 882 Maple Street, White Rock, BC V4B 4M2
Board Members: 

President, Bruce Hayne

Staff Members: 

Executive Director, David Young (dyoung@sourcesbc.ca)
Director of Professional Services, Kelly Ridding (kridding@sourcesbc.ca)