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From December 1-3, we're celebrating the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Film festivals will be held in 5 locations across BC. Stay tuned for details!

Our new report shows the continued systemic use of restraint and seclusion in BC schools. Read more.

Watch our 60th Anniversary video that honours and remembers the civil rights history of people with intellectual disabilities in BC. Read more about our history here.


Organization Details

(604) 525 - 9494
(604) 525 - 3013
12.5 million
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Organization Region: 
Lower Mainland & Upper Fraser Valley


We offer services to families and individuals from birth to seniors and also the broader community. Our services below are grouped between Children and Youth and Adults. Family and Individual Support provides services to family, youth and adult individuals. We also provide Transition Planning To and Through Adulthood.


Infant Development Program

This is a home-based program for families of children with developmental disabilities, delays or who are at risk for delay, from birth to age three.

Supported Child Development Programs

This program promotes and supports the inclusion of children, who require additional support, and their families, within their choice of a neighbourhood child care program.

Key Worker Support Services

Key Worker Support Services provides services to families whose children or youth have, or may have complex developmental behavioural needs, such as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.

Early Intervention & School-Aged Therapy Services by SHARE

Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology are delivered by our partner SHARE Family and Community Services Society as part of the constellation of children’s services offered. In New Westminster families can access these services through the New Westminster Children’s Centre, a joint initiative of the Simon Fraser Society for Community Living and SHARE Family and Community Services Society by calling 604-521-8078. In the Tri-Cities therapy services can be accessed directly through SHARE Family and Community Services Society by calling 604-525-8242

Family and Individual Community Support

Family and Individual Support Program:

The mission of the Family and Individual Support Program is to support and strengthen families and individuals with extraordinary challenges.

Transition to and Through Adulthood (Transition Planning):

The Society’s Transition Planner supports families and their sons and daughters with developmental disabilities with the transition to and throughout adulthood.


Residential Services

Group Home Living:

Each person, who lives in one of our group homes, is given the opportunity to participate in all of the activities in their home and to develop new skills according to their abilities. People generally require a high level of staff support.

Semi-independent Living:

Staffing is not continuous in these homes. Life skills support is provided for people so they can be as independent as possible.

Independent Living:

The Society owns a number of apartments and townhouses which it rents to people with developmental disabilities. Support is available but people are generally able to provide for their own needs most of the time.

Individual Services / Home Sharing:

People live with a family, a couple or a single care provider and continue to receive the supports that they need. They may also live in a suite in a family’s home, with as many or as few supports as they need.

Work and Liesure Programs

Community Inclusion:

Through the week, this program provides opportunities and supports for approximately 85 people to make choices and participate in a variety of activities both within their community and in our facilities. The focus is primarily on leisure activities that include opportunities for socialization, to be physically active, learn skills for independence and to make connections within their community.


Employment offers opportunities for competitive employment in a variety of work environments for minimum wage or better.

Recreation & Drop-In Program:

This program provides recreation and leisure activities during hours that are outside of normal working hours, such as during the evenings and Saturdays.


Travel trips are offered during the summer months.

Self Advocates:

Self Advocates give input on Society decisions and policies at the committee and Board level.


Organization Address: 
#200 - 1140 Austin Avenue Coquitlam British Columbia Canada V3K 3P5
Board Members: 

President, Winston Cummins

Staff Members: 

Executive Director, Christine Scott (cscott@kinsight.org)