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New brief argues importance of tracking secondary school graduates with special needs

Inclusion BC has issued a new brief on the importance of tracking students graduating from BC Secondary Schools with Evergreen Certificates.

The brief reviews various tracking initiatives that have been undertaken to examine the life paths and educational results of students graduating from secondary school in BC with Dogwood Diplomas, and the need for such initiatives to be inclusive of students with special needs who graduate with an Evergreen Certificate.

Inclusive tracking is critical, in order to improve special education and inclusive education services, create equity for students with disabilities, and inform transition planning and all agencies and ministries involved in building and supporting transition plans for graduating high school students with special needs.

This brief makes a strong argument for tracking students and studying their progress. We look forward to communicating further with the Ministry of Education in order to move forward with this initiative. Click here to download the brief.

Download the brief: http://www.inclusionbc.org/sites/default/files/Tracking%20Students%20Who%20Graduate%20With%20Evergreen%20Diploma%20-%20July%202013.pdf