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From December 1-3, we're celebrating the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Film festivals will be held in 5 locations across BC. Stay tuned for details!

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2014/15 Federal Budget includes significant investment in national Ready, Willing & ABLE

In its 2014/15 Budget, the Federal Government today announced a significant investment in the community inclusion movement, through our national federation, the Canadian Association for Community Living.

Labour Market Agreements for Persons With Disabilities

As announced in EAP 2013, the Government will provide $222 million annually, matched by the provinces and territories, over the next four years, through a new generation of Labour Market Agreements for Persons with Disabilities. The new agreements will engage employers and disability community organizations to better meet the needs of persons with disabilities and employers. Two complementary initiatives supported through EAP 2014 are an investment of $15 million over three years to connect persons with developmental disabilities with jobs through the Ready, Willing & Able initiative of the Canadian Association for Community Living, and an investment of $11.4 million over four years to support the expansion of vocational training programs for persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

"This is a tremendously important opportunity and occasion for our movement; most importantly, it means more and more people with developmental disabilities will enter the work force," said Faith Bodnar, Executive Director of Inclusion BC.

Inclusion BC expresses its thanks and deep appreciation to the Canadian Association for Community Living, the national federation of which Inclusion BC is a part, for its leadership in developing and spearheading this initiative, meeting with Members of Parliament and working to achieve this important federal investment in inclusive workplaces.

As a member of the Canadian Association for Community Living, Inclusion BC will receive a substantial investment to our work in Ready, Willing & ABLE. This investment will support employment initatives in communities around BC, alongside similar work across the country. The work of Inclusion BC member agencies in communities throughout British Columbia provided meaningful examples of the critical work being done to support full citizenship and full inclusion - in the workplace and all areas of life - for people with developmental disabilities.

CACL has issued a press release on this major investment, thanking the Federal government for its investment.

The Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) and the Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorders  Alliance (CASDA) applaud the Government of Canada’s 2014 budget investment of $15 million dollars in the ‘Ready, Willing and Able’ (RWA) national employment initiative for people with developmental disabilities. 
Designed to respond to employer need and demand for labour from this largely untapped pool of labour, the investment is very welcome news by people with developmental disabilities and their families across the  country. 
Laurie Larson, President of the Canadian Association for Community Living said “As a mom of two sons with developmental disabilities, I can tell you our family and so many others are grateful for the commitment made today. Canada cannot afford the costs of exclusion. Employers cannot afford to overlook this untapped workforce. People with disabilities cannot afford to be left out of opportunity longer.” 
Laurie Malwam, Chair of the Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance said," Underemployment is a common phenomenon among adults with developmental disabilities. Currently, approximately 50 percent of adults with autism spend their days with little community contact and in segregated work or activity settings. It doesn’t have to be this way. Ready,Willing and Able is designed to make a difference.” 
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