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From December 1-3, we're celebrating the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Film festivals will be held in 5 locations across BC. Stay tuned for details!

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Take Action: Say No to Institutions! Participate today in Pearson online consultation

Urgent action: Participate today in online consultation to say no to institutions at George Pearson Centre.
Online Consultation
Say No to Institutions
The last day for the online consultation is MONDAY, OCTOBER 7
The City of Vancouver is holding another public online consultation about the Pearson Redevelopment.
The current proposal still has institutions for persons with disabilities. 
Please go to the city online consultation http://vancouver.fluidsurveys.com/s/pearson-3/   & let them know that the current proposal is not all right because it allows people to be confined to institutions.
Here are issues with the current proposal:
What is the current proposal?
·         A 150 bed institution will be built on the Pearson grounds, primarily for current residents of Dogwood and other seniors.
·         Some of the current residents at Pearson and other people with disabilities would be transferred to this “new” institution for seniors.  Vancouver Coastal Health will not provide details about who will be transferred to the new institution or why.
·         Approximately 90 units of supportive housing will be on the site.  There are no details about what the housing will be like, what the support will be like, whether the units will be grouped together in a few buildings, whether people will be forced to accept group meals, group service or other “institutional” features; whether people will have autonomy or not; who will choose who goes where.
What’s wrong with the current proposal and how does it allow institutions?
  •        The lack of details means that the supportive housing units could be institutional or not, and there are no principles or details to ensure that they’re not.
  •      For example, the units could be grouped together in groups of 20-30 in several buildings, and this would be a segregated institution.
  •       The support could also be organized in an institutional way.  For example, in some supportive housing in Vancouver, people are forced to have their meals communally at set times, have “support” at certain times not of their choosing, have no control over who helps them or when, and sometimes do not have free access to the building without checking in with the “front desk”.  All of these ways of organizing support are institutional and do not support people having lives of freedom and choice.
  •       The new institution being built for seniors will also house some people with disabilities.  This means some  people with disabilities will be institutionalized. This is not acceptable, and it is also not acceptable that Vancouver Coastal Health has not provided any details about who or why people would be forced to live in institutions.
What you can do:
Please go to the city online consultation, and let them know
  •  That the current proposal is unacceptable because it can be used for institutional living
  •  That the transfer or moving of persons with disabilities into a “new” institution for seniors is unacceptable
  •  That people with disabilities should not be forced to live in institutions to receive the support they need
  •   That a new proposal needs to be in place that ensures that housing and support options are not institutional, and that guarantees people with disabilities autonomy, choice and a full independent life in the community
The last day for the online consultation is MONDAY, OCTOBER 7
Go until you get to the question in a box at the end of the Complete Communities Section:  
“Do you have any general comments about the draft concept and Guiding Principles”
this is after question #15 about Housing mix.
You can also add comments farther along in Question #19
“Do you have any additional comments”
Thank you!!