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Ruling of BC Court of Appeals in Carter case released: overturns prior ruling allowing assisted suicide

On Thursday, October 10, the BC Court of Appeals released its ruling in Carter v. Canada, upholding Canada's prohibition of assisted suicide.

The Canadian Association for Community Living was one of the intervenors in the case. The 2-1 ruling overturned a lower court ruling that struck down Criminal Code prohibitions on assisted suicide. 

The decision may be read in full: http://www.courts.gov.bc.ca/jdb-txt/CA/13/04/2013BCCA0435.htm

In the 2-1 decision, the ruling noted that "Those who have only limited ability to enjoy those blessings [to enjoy various experiences and to make various decisions] are no less 'alive', and have no less a right to 'life', than persons who are able-bodied and fully competent."

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