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CLBC Interim Report fails to acknowledge systemic problems

In the face of mounting pressure from families, community organizations, media and public, Community Living BC (CLBC), the provincial crown agency that funds services for people with developmental disabilities, has issued an interim report at the request of the Minister of Social Development.

Read the report here.

See media coverage here.

Despite the numerous accounts from families and others across BC, the report concedes only to isolated cases of failure on the part of CLBC. It does not acknowledge that there are serious systemic issues within the organization. This crisis in community living cries out for new, decisive action, leadership and collaborative approaches but instead this report, delivers mostly a "business as usual,” message appearing to dismiss community recommendations for an external review and an increase in funding.

While Minister Cadieux's response to the report shows an understanding of the issues, it does not provide recommendations for real systemic changes. We are disappointed that the Minister recommends the CLBC Board "follow the course" as outlined in the report.

BCACL will continue advocating for additional funding and real systemic improvements within CLBC and will issue a more detailed analysis with recommendations in response to the report early next week. There is still potential for real change and reform that would return CLBC to being a sound, innovative and responsive agency that supports real citizenship and inclusion for people with developmental disabilities and their families.